The Investor Relations Company

The Investor Relations Company

A Financial Consultant Network

The Investor Relations Company is an international network of highly specialized investor relations professionals who are called together when and where needed by IRC clients to stimulate financial analyst and media attention, attract venture capital, or manage communications with increasingly activist stakeholders.

After assisting IRC in the design and production of annual reports for IRC’s clients in insurance, oil, electronics, manufacturing and healthcare, DesignMarks was asked to develop a logo for IRC itself. To symbolize IRC in a financial sector which demands substance and prefers an understated style, we forged a solid, balanced and very traditional nameplate.

A feeling of substance. That’s how capital is gained.

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Imports International

Imports International
Importer of Clothing and Accessories

Imports International is a US-based importer of youthful fashions and accessories with strong ties to producers in India and South Asia.

DesignMarks was contracted to create a brandmark for Import International’s lines of clothing. The mark had to feel bright and bold and youthful, be global in feel, and — to strongly imply “imported” — have the look of the stamping on a shipping crate (an approach used successfully by Crate & Barrel in its early years).

Let’s see. Two initial I’s. A global circle. Bright orange.

Done. Namaste.

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Goodwill Industries

Goodwill Industries
A Recycling Company

Goodwill Industries, well-known for its “thrift shop” recycling of furniture, housewares and clothing, has also become a major recycler of paper, plastic, metals and glass. Goodwill contracted with DesignMarks to create a logo for the recycling bins at its shops and other drop-off locations.

DesignMarks turned the Goodwill’s initial “G” into a circular green arrow, clearly symbolic of the recycling process. When a particular facility or bin is devoted to a particular material, a small icon representing the material is inserted the center.

Competitive recyclers are green with envy.

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Center for Ethics and Advocacy in Healthcare

Center for Ethics and Advocacy in Healthcare
A Non-Profit Consumer Organization

Sometimes a logo rises above the literal name and business focus of an organization – and grasps the true meaning of its work and spirit. The Center for Ethics and Advocacy in Healthcare (CEAH) is a non-profit dedicated to helping people make good decisions as they move through our complex healthcare systems and institutions.

At its heart, it’s about choice – a credo and a virtue DesignMarks recognized in its work and proclaimed in CEAH’s logo design. The message has resounded with extraordinary power both within the CEAH organization and with its clients.

Today, a decade later, patient empowerment has become a primary goal of Federal healthcare reforms. We couldn’t be prouder of this solution — as professionals, as citizens, as caring people.

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Calyon Financial

Calyon Financial
An Institutional Brokerage

Calyon Financial is a global brokerage firm providing institutional clients with efficient access to financial and commodity markets around the world. Earlier, as a futures specialist, they were virtually invisible outside of their narrow market segment. Anticipating an expansion into wider investment areas and client base, the firm invested in a bolder and more memorable corporate identity with DesignMarks.
Our CF logo, utilizing a powerful circular shape and rust/gray palette, was intentionally a departure from the fine-line style and muted colors typical of financial firms. It was the right initial offering for Calyon Financial.

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EdSolve Concepts

EdSolve Concepts
An Education Equipment Company

EdSolve was a startup planning to create scholastic fixtures and equipment that would serve the changing needs of the modern classroom. DesignMarks was asked to name both the company and its initial product, “compudesk 1.0” — a school desk designed to hold a standard laptop computer.

The company’s initials, EC, superimposed on a bold red square, provided the strong identity registration needed for the startup – and would be legible on virtually any size of product name plate as well as business promotion materials.

The EdSolve name positioned the firm in the educational market but was intentionally left open-ended to embrace a variety of future product developments. That’s always popular in a classroom: Multiple choice.

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C. A. Hayes Mechanical Incorporated

C. A. Hayes Mechanical Incorporated
A construction services company

C. A. Hayes serves the Chicago region’s large institutional, commercial and industrial customers with products and services for energy management, primarily heating, air conditioning, hazardous gas detection and automated controls. In this highly competitive field, C. A. Hayes needed more visibility, particularly on active job sites where dozens of construction subcontractors may be working at once.

Our designers recognized that most of Hayes’ specialties involved moving fluids with fans or pumps – and built this highly-evocative fan blade logo with radials of the company’s initial “H.” Orange was chosen for its high visibility, even in heavy rain, snow or semi-darkness, conditions Hayes crews frequently face in the field.

Strong shape. Strong indicator of business function. Strong linkage to the company name. Now spotting C. A. Hayes crews is a breeze.

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