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We live and work in a world of visual images. An Innovative Branding and Identity Firm We are visual, by nature. “I see” means “I understand.” But we don’t see and understand everything at once. We first see and identify simple shapes that match images we’ve previously seen, identified … Continue reading

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American Bar Association

American Bar Association A national professional organization The American Bar Association is the largest voluntary professional association in the world. Its 400,000 members represent a very wide range of legal specialties and viewpoints. Its many sections and divisions support hundreds … Continue reading

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Northshore Fireplace

Northshore Fireplace A retail shop Northshore Fireplace is a specialty retailer in one of Chicago’s most upscale suburban areas. Facing a crowded marketplace, design-sensitive clientele, and severe signage restrictions, Northshore needed a “servicemark” that would both stand out boldly and … Continue reading

Posted in Home | Leave a comment An Innovative Branding and Identity Firm Most advertising agencies, branding firms, design firms and other professional specialties contain many interrelated and necessary skills – but must select one to feature in their corporate identity. DesignMarks needed a single graphic for … Continue reading

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Terry Hefter Associates LLC

Terry Hefter Associates LLC A Psychotherapy Practice Terry Hefter Associates is a well-known psychotherapy practice established in 1996. The large, multi-therapist practice works with patients experiencing emotional issues including relationship problems, depression and/or anxiety. The practice had already made two … Continue reading

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Undercurrents A Waterbed Store, Manufacturer and Distributor A Chicago waterbed store was about to transform the hippy-era waterbed industry – by designing and manufacturing high-fashion waterbed models worthy of upscale homes and penthouse apartments. They turned to DesignMarks to name … Continue reading

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Undercurrents Electric Company

Undercurrents The Electric Power Company You can’t keep a good logo down. Nearly two decades after the DesignMarks name and logo helped his waterbed empire rise to success, the Undercurrents business owner decided to enter another emerging business: discounted electrical … Continue reading

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