Goodwill Industries

Goodwill Industries
A Recycling Company

Goodwill Industries, well-known for its “thrift shop” recycling of furniture, housewares and clothing, has also become a major recycler of paper, plastic, metals and glass. Goodwill contracted with DesignMarks to create a logo for the recycling bins at its shops and other drop-off locations.

DesignMarks turned the Goodwill’s initial “G” into a circular green arrow, clearly symbolic of the recycling process. When a particular facility or bin is devoted to a particular material, a small icon representing the material is inserted the center.

Competitive recyclers are green with envy.

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2 Responses to Goodwill Industries

  1. amylemley says:

    Love this. I’m a big Goodwill shopper, so I recognized the G right away, and instantly got the idea of recycling. FYI, on my screen, this logo shows up as bright blue, almost cyane; no idea why. –Amy

    • Dear Amy,

      Glad that you like the design. It was originally done in a medium green and was applied to paper recycling. Overtime it was added to other services and the color varied from service to service. I used the bright blue on the website to gain attention. I’ve reviewed it in several screens and the color does change a bit from computer to computer.

      Hope that it’s warmer there than it is here. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


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